Twenty MineTeen

It feels like just the other day that I wrote this blog article about 2018 and chose my words for 2019 or Twenty MineTeen as some people are calling it.  According to Urban Dictionary: 2019: It’s the year of putting yourself first, claiming what’s yours and being completely, utterly unapologetic about it.  I am reflecting

social media emotional health

Social Media and Emotional Health

I often hear myself say that social media is everyone’s highlights package or show reel.  And it is true!  People can portray their lives exactly how they want them to appear to others on social media and everyone will believe them. Some people put in some serious effort when doing this… styled plates of food,


Last month I wrote about empathy which makes mention of encouraging others who need it.  It got me thinking about how often and how we encourage each other. A recent conversation has stuck with me this week.  A friend called to tell me about a big disappointment she is currently experiencing and she thanked me


Showing Empathy

I sit here on Monday reflecting on my interactions today.  So many people going through stuff, tough stuff.  It takes courage for each to admit and I feel privileged that they have shared stories of their respective suffering with me.  It also gets me thinking about how few people actually know how to show empathy


The Feeling of Happiness

Happiness is something that everyone wants to feel.  And if we are feeling happiness we want to feel more happiness. I have always been aware of my thoughts and how I speak.  More so this week for some reason.  On reflection I realise it is because I know that what we think and say we

birthday cake

Today is My Day

Today is my birthday.  I stand here reflecting on the year that was and how much has changed.  I recall blogging before my birthday last year and having no idea of what was coming days later. As always I find it interesting as to who takes the trouble to wish me happy birthday.  Of course


We’re 100 Days into 2019

Today, 10 April, marks 100 days into 2019.  I am in disbelief.  It’s my birthday later this month and I remember as a child how long it would take for my birthday to come around.  It felt like forever.  Christmas and summer holidays were just yesterday and many people are still figuring out what they

writing oages

Anytime Pages

Several years ago I was introduced to Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.  An incredible book aimed at uncovering your creativity.  Aside from artists’ dates which can be both daunting and fun Cameron prescribes the writing of morning pages.  Three pages written free hand with a pen every day.  You only pick up your pen at



I considered a number of names for this post; perspective, friendship, how to listen, confronting relationships, communication, validation….  The list could go on.  But it all boils down to the same thing.  Respect for self and respect for others. So often I see people not open to seeing a situation from an other’s perspective and


I am a Hoarder

I am a hoarder.  I am going through the mostly junk in my garage cursing my grandmother and both my parents for making me a hoarder.  It is incredible the things I have kept; old postcards, wedding invitations, photographs, bank statements, certificates, rejection letters from prospective employers, books and school and university notes among several