I am Claire and I am a life coach and business coach.  I am currently based in Cape Town, South Africa.  My journey of self-discovery has brought me to coaching.  Dissatisfied with how my life looked and how I felt about it I re-trained to become an Integral Coach leaving behind my career in marketing and publishing to live happier and healthier.

I believe we all do our best with the resources available to us.  Coaching has brought about changes within me and for me and I believe it is my work to have impact on others.  I coach in order to learn more about other people and myself.  I empower my clients to release self-imposed pressure and to stop living to somebody else’s standard.

I have a special interest in coaching young adults; assisting them to develop career plans, maintain healthy habits  and navigate relationships.  They face different challenges to their parents’ generation.  Sometimes they need an understanding adult who can be objective and get to the core of what they really really want.

My motto: Be Brave with Your Life.

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BA (philosophy, linguistics, Italian), University of Cape Town

Postgraduate Diploma Marketing Management, University of Cape Town

Diploma in Practitioner Coaching, The Coaching Centre – International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Programme (ACTP)