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Claire is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

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Coaching Approach

Each coaching programme is as unique as you are.

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Here I share my thoughts, opinions and ideas.

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The basis for coaching is a relationship between you, the individual, and your coach with specific objectives and goals focused on developing potential, improving relationships, refining processes and enhancing performance.  Coaching is a one-on-one process which will open you up to fresh perspectives and facilitates making decisions around changes you would like to see in your personal and professional lives.

Available to coach on COVID-19 related topics such as working remotely, work-life balance, parenting challenges, stress and anxiety, leadership challenges, job insecurity and return to the workplace.

You will learn to identify patterns, increase self-awareness and build resilience.  All this to live a happier, healthier more-fulfilled existence.   Coaching affords you possibility and gives you the confidence to move forward.  Powerful coaching conversations encourage new perspectives and expand your thinking, ultimately giving you tools to meet new challenges differently.

Through coaching you will increase your ability to reflect and self-observe.  You will gain access to your greatest potential and deepest passions.  Coaching allows you to live more authentically, exercise your choice and speak your truth.