Last month I wrote about empathy which makes mention of encouraging others who need it.  It got me thinking about how often and how we encourage each other.

A recent conversation has stuck with me this week.  A friend called to tell me about a big disappointment she is currently experiencing and she thanked me mid way through the conversation for always being positive, supportive and encouraging.

Yes, my job requires me to be those things a lot of the time for my clients.  However how does this show up in everyday life for everyone?  I invite you to think about it with me:

  • Consider how you encourage others.
  • How easily are you able to identify who could do with some of that from you?
  • What great impact could your few words have?
  • What stops you from encouraging others?
  • Why don’t you do it more often because wow it feels good to be acknowledged!
  • What difference would hearing some encouraging words make to you and your life right now?
  • How would you like to be encouraged by those around you?
  • Who do you turn to when you need encouragement?

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