I considered a number of names for this post; perspective, friendship, how to listen, confronting relationships, communication, validation….  The list could go on.  But it all boils down to the same thing.  Respect for self and respect for others.

So often I see people not open to seeing a situation from an other’s perspective and instead stonewalling the person who is trying to explain themselves or how a particular situation has impacted on them.

Why are we so quick to make assumptions and jump to conclusions?  Because a lot of the time it is just considered easier not to stop and listen.  And to see things only from one vantage point, your own.  In doing this people think they are avoiding confrontation.  In fact they are just delaying it.

Imagine how this world would be if people offered the same level of consideration that is given to them.  If respect was really the back bone of our relationships and ran through all our dealings with each other.  If only we could focus on connecting human to human first and meeting each other where we are.  We are all a product of our past experiences.  We all speak different “languages”; some speak in facts and information and others in the language of emotions.  If you listen carefully you will learn the difference.

How can we expect to connect with other people when we are so disconnected from ourselves?  It all starts with you and the story you are telling yourself.

If you would like to reconnect with yourself in order to connect better with others then we should talk.  Book a no obligation call with me.

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