The Feeling of Happiness

Happiness is something that everyone wants to feel.  And if we are feeling happiness we want to feel more happiness.

I have always been aware of my thoughts and how I speak.  More so this week for some reason.  On reflection I realise it is because I know that what we think and say we attract more of into our lives.

I am acutely aware of not attracting more of what I don’t want and often find myself re-framing things more positively.  Phrases that have dropped from my lexicon are, “No problem” and “No worries”.  If you consider them both there is a negative in “No” and a problem, then a worry!  It’s just all round negative and so easily replaced with something else.  If we go around saying negative things to ourselves and people around us it leaves little room for happiness to grow.

I already know this and often find a reminder does me and others good: Happiness is not a place that can be travelled to, owned, earned or worn.  Happiness comes from with within.  It comes from what we choose to focus on.  Gratitude brings happiness for example.

I have worked with a number of my clients on finding their feeling of happiness in themselves.  So often I have seen my clients hand over the key to their happiness to someone or something else – a partner, a career and even their own family identity.

Through coaching, together we peel away the layers, slowly getting to what happiness means to you.  Happiness is different for different people – just like health means different things – my health includes the quality of my relationships beginning with my relationship with myself.  We paint that picture and then together get to work on creating more of it.

It is necessary to consider one’s relationship with oneself as a start and really think about the messages you are giving your body and mind about you and from there build outwards to other relationships.  Then we begin to focus on the things that make you happy.  In the end we have a pretty full picture and steps to move you towards it and to live it.

I leave you with this: What does your “happy” look like?

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  1. Margaret


    My happiness is a feeling…a place where I feel peace and joy in my heart and in my mind.

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