Today is My Day

Today is my birthday.  I stand here reflecting on the year that was and how much has changed.  I recall blogging before my birthday last year and having no idea of what was coming days later.

As always I find it interesting as to who takes the trouble to wish me happy birthday.  Of course delighted to know how many people care about me and let me know.  Pleasantly surprised by several new friends who wish me well and at the same time feeling a hint of sadness about those who had a place in my life recently and simply could not be bothered to send a simple text.  I am not one to ask for grand gestures.

My birthday wish highlights

A beautiful voice note from my massage therapist.

A video of my brother and nephew blowing kisses from Switzerland.

Phone calls from my nearest and dearest.

A conversation with a friend’s daughter who shares my birthday.  She is 10 today.

Messages and songs from a friend in London.

Messages from old colleagues and peers.

Then I saw this and my sadness began to fade with regards to who forgot about me.  I choose to honour them and let them go.  I thought it could perhaps help someone else who may be battling with understanding their relationships at this time.

You are only overlooked, rejected and ignored

by the people who are not meant to be in your life. 

Let go in peace.  Move ahead in gratitude.”

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