We’re 100 Days into 2019

Today, 10 April, marks 100 days into 2019.  I am in disbelief.  It’s my birthday later this month and I remember as a child how long it would take for my birthday to come around.  It felt like forever.  Christmas and summer holidays were just yesterday and many people are still figuring out what they would like 2019 to be for them.

Goal setting is such an necessary and often overlooked activity.  Possibly because we don’t fully understand why we set goals.  It is to help us keep track of our progress.  Deciding what we want for ourselves is easy, it’s getting there that requires work.  It’s important to bear in mind that there are several ways in which to set goals.  This is how I set goals and I have shared this strategy with several of my clients who love it as much as I do.  It really gets you thinking plus ensures that all bases are covered.

Here is how… at the beginning of each year I complete a 5 x 5 goal setting exercise.  I set 5 goals against 5 areas of my life, namely;




Personal growth

Work related

If often helps to weigh in on your goals with a trusted friend or a professional coach.  I have just spent some time reviewing mine.  Some I am hitting consistently, most others there is room for improvement, few there is a long way to go.  So now I choose to turn my effort to the trickier goals for the next 100 days which takes me to 19 July.

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