Love and Be Present

At the start of every year I choose two words to encapsulate how I want my year ahead to be.  I do feel like I am leaving it a bit late this year with only three days to go before we celebrate NYE!  Nonetheless I have my words ready and I am preparing to set my intentions for 2020.

My first word is LOVE.  The intention I set with this word LOVE is to love myself fiercely, love the life I live, continue to love my work and here is the big one… to find lasting love, the enduring kind, or allow love to find me in 2020.

My second word is BE PRESENT.  I want to be present in all that I do next year.  I would like to completely stop worrying about the past and severely limit fretting about the future and instead just be.  Be fully present and show up exactly as I am in that moment.  No judgement, no criticism.  This will require me to show myself an increasing amount of self-compassion as I learn to better this skill.

2020 is a big year for me.  It is the year I turn 40.  A lot to celebrate but also a lot for me to let go of.  We all have hopes and dreams for ourselves and I believe if I can experience more love and be present I will allow myself to fully embrace turning 40 and everything that this new decade of my life brings for me.

What are your words for 2020?

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