And That Was 2018

It is the end of the year and I find myself reflecting on 2018.  The words that immediately come to mind are hard and heavy.  2018 has not been an easy year for many people.  For me it has been a year of being called to fight, frustration and resistance, a huge lesson in patience, perseverance and resilience. 

What made 2018 different?  One thing immediately comes to mind.  I did not choose my words for the year.  This is a practice I have done before; in 2016 my words were growth and flexibility and in 2017 the two words that resonated most with me were flow and clarity.  So I sit here mid-December deciding on my words for 2019, I am going with joy and balance.

There is another practice that I will do at the start of the year.  I will set five goals against five different areas of my life namely; relationships, physical, financial, personal growth, and work-related.  I’d like to see more balance in terms of my achievements next year.  This year my success in work far outweighs my success elsewhere especially with regards to my physical goals and personal growth to some extent – I am in the game of personal growth so may be critiquing myself a little too harshly on the latter!

Balance is so important; it allows us to flourish and to enjoy every aspect of life.  It keeps us physically, emotionally and mentally healthy too.  Without balance something gives up or even breaks.  2018 didn’t break me that’s for sure.  I have felt a lot more broken before especially in 2014.

And I want more joyJoy and happiness are different.  In my mind joy is an elevated state of happiness.  It is hearing the smile when someone speaks, it’s laughing out loud whether in company or not, it’s surrounding yourself with people who bring you joy and have an ongoing positive impact on you, it’s listening to music to uplift the soul, it’s dancing in your lounge, it’s spending time with children – they instantly make you forget about the things that trouble you.

So as I begin to bid the work year good-bye, I look forward to taking some much needed rest so that I can come back in 2019 more focused and in pursuit of the balance and joy that I am yearning for.  I will be out of town and unplugged from my devices from 22 December to 10 January.  So catch you in the new year!  If you’d like to get a head start on your 2019 then book a call with me.


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  1. Kate


    Lovely article, made me think and reflect on what my words will be for 2019. I will keep you posted.

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